Vellum or Cardstock Mini Lampshade on Wine Glass (or Champagne Glass)

Time to craft! Enormously cute project idea we’ve seen for wedding reception event place setting is taking sheet of vellum or cardstock paper and turning it into a small lampshade, which can be placed on top of a wine or champagne glass in order to create a mini lamp. There is a template here at this link, though you might need to adjust, depending on the size of your wine or water goblet glass size (banquet hall stemware).

Vellum or cardstock mini lampshade for wine or champagne glass

Place an L.E.D. battery operated tea light in each glass, and voila, instant light and ambience! They glow beautifully if you use vellum or light colored card stock. Use a colored vellum and instantly carry your color theme throughout the room. We’ve seen these lamp shade die cut pieces sold on some web sites 4 for $9, which is a little steep. Do it yourself and save money! Our sample shown was done with plain black card stock without the L.E.D. light. Just as elegant! These would be just as fun to do for a home bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party. Paper crafts are great in a recession, as the supplies are affordable (cheap wins).

Make them for a gift table, place card table or hors d’ oeuvres table. Impress your guests with your home made decoration!


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